Today, medical practitioners are analyzing big data using algorithms to improve patient care. Data mining helps identify treatments that are effective for particular conditions, identify patterns related to drug side effects, and a lot of other useful information that can improve the quality of healthcare. However, the challenge that health practitioners face is with regard… Read More »

Data entry mistakes can have serious consequences. A report in Bucks County Courier Times told of how a criminal suspect was mistakenly released in Maryland a few months ago due to data entry issues. The spokesperson made it clear that the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services regretted the data entry errors which led… Read More »

Every business enterprise has its own database systems to store information related to core business activities. Data related to accounts, HR, ERP, production systems and payroll is stored in huge database systems to streamline their workflow. What happens if your business related data is duplicated, inaccurate, and ultimately affect your overall business productivity? Data cleansing… Read More »

Entering data into the EHR (Electronic Health Record) comes with many challenges for clinicians. The challenge is sometimes so great that many wish they were in pre-digital era of clinical documentation! Structured and Narrative Data There are many things physicians have to think of. First, there is the difference between the two types of data… Read More »

Data capture systems are widely used in organizations which need to manage large amount of data as a part of their work process, for reducing manual labor, paperwork and costs associated with data management. For example, Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems used for collecting clinical data help physicians to retrieve patient information easily. Educational institutions… Read More »

Analysts at Forrester Research recently reported that there are about 40 million e-readers and 65 million tablets in use in the U.S. E-books generated $282 million in sales in the first quarter of 2012, reported the Association of American Publishers. E-books are the best option to manage and organize publications, guides, reports, journals, magazines, instruction… Read More »

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