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Current Issues in Web Designing


Web designing is a fast evolving and changing global arena. As the Internet expands by the day many rules are re written. Web designing has certain established basic aspects like having a homepage, user friendliness of the site, relevancy of content etc that every one in the industry agrees to. But there are certain conflicts and ongoing issues in the current web designing arena.

  • There is a lack of collaboration in the methods of web design. According to many design professionals web pages can no more be independent and disconnected from larger projects. Web sites have to be designed keeping in mind the need for interaction with social networking, advertisements, extranet and intranet communities.
  • Difference of opinions like whether the look of the website is important or the usability has been an issue. While SEO specialists mostly concern themselves with technical issues, graphic designers with fine art background usually are more concerned with looks and aesthetic values of the site.
  • While some designers prefer fixed layouts other recommend liquid layout where the web page will adjust itself to the type of browser window of the user.
  • Differences in use of Flash animations and accessibility for the disabled.
  • Use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) verses use of tables. The W3C guidelines recommends use of CSS for page layouts but many web designers still prefer use of tables for page layouts.

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