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Common Technology Litigations Today


Technology litigation involves litigation between two parties with regard to technical matters in a business. Disputes can be of the following types,

  • Rights of parties involved during technology transfers
  • Technical support license
  • Obligations for technical support
  • Infringement of copyright/ trademark
  • Trade secret and confidentiality matters
  • Violating nondisclosure agreements
  • Compliance of agreements
  • Performance of computer hardware/software

The Internet and the World Wide Web has enabled global e-commerce and many cyber laws in different countries have witnessed web related litigations mostly involving disputes over the domain names. There are very similar domain names on the web with minimal differences that is a reason for disputes. Defamation claims are also made which is a result of postings on public message sites and blogs or forums. And often, confidential information gets posted on public forums and message boards. Claims lead to investigations and litigations.

Common trade secret litigation areas include product designs, chemical formulation issues, manufacturing process issues and the like.

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