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Character Recognition Methods for Data Entry


Character recognition is the process of recognizing printed or written text characters on the keyboard. Character recognition method is an input method used to input image data with character.

In accordance with the features and feature descriptors, character recognition methods vary from one another. Numerous techniques are available for recognizing characters. Some among the character recognition methods for data entry include optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR), and optical mark reader (OMR).

Out of these character recognition methods, OCR is the oldest data entry technique in existence. When compared to keystroke data entry, data entry using optical character recognition is faster, efficient, and more accurate. Typewritten OCR, hand print OCR, cursive OCR, music OCR and MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) are some of the OCR resources utilized in data entry.

ICR (Intelligent character recognition), the advanced version of Optical character recognition), is the process used to convert handwritten text into machine-readable characters. This technique is used mainly to enhance the accuracy in recognition levels.

OMR (Optical mark reader) is yet another character recognition method utilized in data entry. This technique is mainly used to read pencil marks on scan forms including test answer forms, survey forms, and evaluation forms.

Nowadays, a wide number of companies are offering data entry services for character recognition using various methods at cost effective rates.

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