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Brief Checklist for Website Content Development


Using a checklist is a good habit. Checklist can be brief or detailed. When one is writing some thing for a website it is different from writing comments on a blog. There are certain processes to ensure that all is fine. But until you publish the content you may still find some small thing you forgot to take care. Having a checklist and making sure we have’nt missed anything is the safest way to do the work however much experienced one may be. So checkout this brief list and comment if there is anything important left out.

  • Confirm that the Title is in place with key words, objective
  • Check the tags (meta tags, description tags and title tags)
  • Check the page template/format
  • Check if the keyword is right for the page
  • Check the font size and colors and bold lettering etc
  • Check format/ style for image, photo
  • Check links and urls (incoming and outgoing)
  • Check links within the website/webpage
  • Checkout any references made
  • Check and review the contents
  • Add content to alt tag
  • Edit and proofread content
  • Check sub menus, sub headings and their links
  • Check for Active /passive voice error in content
  • Get some one else to check the content/list

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Rajeev R

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