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Bar-code Services and Supermarkets


Supermarkets have to stock loads and loads of products. Barcodes that are printed on all the goods in a supermarket is a common sight today. When the customer picks up the product and walks over to the point of sale (POS) terminal, the barcode which is the virtual identity of the product is scanned. Scanning may be done either manually by a hand held scanner or a built-in laser scanner.

The scanned information goes to the supermarket’s data base that stores the entire supermarket’s product details like, name of manufacturer, pricing, date of manufacturer, date of expiry etc. The price details and description are sent to the POS terminal so that the amount to be paid by the customer can be added to the consumer’s bill. These details are displayed on the POS monitor for the cashier to see and are also printed on the receipt to be given to the customer.

Some of the advantages of bar-coding in a supermarket may include:

  • Minimal manual data entry
  • Lowest error rate
  • Faster process
  • Better data management
  • Cost effectivity
  • Customer satisfaction

Barcode system is applicable in many places besides supermarkets. Bar code services providers offer solutions for bar code creation, labeling, bar code scanning and also verification. Customized bar code artwork and symbology services are also offered to manufacturers, franchisees, and others.

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