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Automated Forms Processing Technology


Automated forms processing technology helps in processing a variety of forms like export, tax, medical, insurance, real estate and government forms. During this process, the data are captured from their respective field, digitalized and saved as images and converted into electronic format. Apart from template-based structured forms such as purchase orders, unstructured forms such as invoices can also be processed with the help of advanced automated forms processing.

Documents or forms can be converted to computer readable data, commonly ASCII, DBF or as text from images, or directly from paper. You can receive data in multiple input formats like paper, fax, e-mail and electronic forms data. Moreover, the cost of manual processing is cut down in automated forms processing. Also, manual checking and sorting is not required, since the automatic form reader can identify and select the matching template, thus eliminating the chance of missing pages or characters. Faster processing and retrieval is another specialty of automated forms processing technology.

Automated forms processing utilizes the most sophisticated scanning solutions and advanced imaging software systems that extract the information automatically from your documents and recognition technologies including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Intelligent Field Recognition (IFR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), bar codes, mark sense, key from image (KFI) functions and so on.

Automated forms processing technology highly benefits clients such as insurance companies, tax ministry, marketing agencies, banking insurance, and examination departments.

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