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Affordable and Error Free Legal Scoping Services


Legal scoping service is a process of transcribing and editing legal records. With the present boom in all legal BPO services, outsourced legal scoping is also on the rise. This service is increasingly used by lawyers, law firms, solicitors and legal companies to get affordable and error free legal documents.
Legal scoping services help add new clarity and authority to all kinds of legal proceedings. Below mentioned are some of the legal scoping service areas.

  • Standard Scoping
  • Scoping Verbatim to Audio
  • Correcting Mistrans/Untrans of Steno Notes
  • Proofreading
  • Document Editing
  • Using Proper Punctuation
  • Format CorrectionGrammar and spelling correction
  • Audio Transcription

Affordable and error free legal scoping services are most sought after by the attorneys and law firms. There are big and small legal outsourcing companies with access to professional scopists who can consistently guarantee affordable and error free legal scoping services.
Experienced and highly skilled scopists, today use advanced scoping technology and specialized software like CaseCatalyst, Eclipse, StenoCat and ProCat for creating error free documents. After scoping, the legal documents are thoroughly reviewed by an independent set of eyes to assure zero error. Popularity of outsourced legal scoping service has created global job opportunities for the expert scopists and legal transcription professionals.

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