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Factors to Consider When Choosing an Outsourcing Location


Outsourcing is an important decision, and is to be done with great care and proper preparation. When thoroughly planned, outsourcing plays a crucial role in ensuring high productivity and helps managers focus on business development and disruptive innovations. Outsourcing is one way of cutting costs in a company and staying competitive in the market. Whether outsourcing one or multiple business processes, there are certain important factors to consider if the partnership is to be a success. You may want to utilize data conversion services to convert your paper documents into digital format. Or you may want to outsource your data entry requirements. Apart from the reputation and experience of the service provider, where they are located is also an important concern.

Outsourcing Location

What are the factors to consider when choosing an offshore business process outsourcing company?

  • Consider the traffic: If you are outsourcing to a different location it is important to consider the traffic in that place. In some places, due to traffic congestion it is not possible for workers to reach before 8 or 9 AM whereas in some other places where public transportation is efficient workers will be able to reach at or before 9 AM. So, consider the working hours of the service provider.
  • Check holidays: Holidays may be different in different regions and so, the working hours or work schedules may be affected over the course of the month.
  • Corporate hierarchy: Corporate hierarchy may be different from region to region. In some places, the organizational structure is flat and senior directors and other staff may work side by side. In other regions there may be a hierarchy system that decides how teams, customers, and clients interact. So, make sure to find a partner that can support the way your business works.
  • Communication styles: Each country has its own style of communication. For example, in some locations such as Australia, workplace cultures may be open and the entire workforce including senior management may engage each other without formality. While this may be welcome to some Western corporates, it may be uncomfortable for others where the workplace is more formal and structured. Some Asian countries may be following a direct style of communication where frankness is appreciated whereas in some other Asian locations you may need to follow a more nuanced approach. The important thing is to find a location and business partner whose communication style compliments company collaboration.
  • Legal considerations: Legal protection and laws vary from region to region. So understand the enforcement of legal protection specific to your outsourcing initiatives. Compliance with regulations about the preservation of client confidentiality and sensitive information should be considered.
  • Technology infrastructure: Technology infrastructure in terms of connectivity, availability, quality, and security including back-up infrastructure and business continuity solutions must be taken into account. Business continuity in the case of unexpected equipment failures is important for preventing business disruption. So consider the reliability of the technology infrastructure.
  • Turnaround time: Time zone is an important consideration when choosing an outsourcing location. Consider the possible delays in communication and work synchronization. Checking their turnaround time is important, and take measures to prevent delays.

When considering a reliable outsourcing partner for data entry outsourcing or for some other task, make sure that you understand all the procedures and approaches that can make your business run seamlessly. Business process outsourcing to a professional provider in a different location should be carried out carefully and your objective should be to access a better workforce that can handle you business processes more efficiently. Choose the right vendor that can ensure quality output and work as a virtual extension of your organization.

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