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New Technology Trends That Can Transform Businesses in 2019


Embracing digital change is something that many organizations have been striving to do over the past many years. From planning to distribution and sales to customers, digital technology has streamlined and enhanced the efficiency of workflow in most organizations. The improved efficiency of the organization results in more cost-effective and productive business models across a company’s entire value stream. Improved efficiency is also seen in data collection and management. Today, businesses rely on providers of data conversion services for accurate conversion of paper-based data into electronic format that is necessary for cloud storage. Various digital technology trends are now influencing businesses and driving them to provide better customer experience. New trends are reshaping the way how businesses are functioning and here are some major trends to expect in 2019.

New Technology Trends
  • Improving augmented reality and rebuilding business operations: People are familiar with Augmented Reality in the gaming world and this technology is now expanding to innovate businesses. AR technology helps businesses have a clear and microscopic picture of business operations, provide better customer experience and minimize the chances of any error. Some companies use augmented reality apps to show the features and functionalities of an offering and provide 3-dimensional views for better understanding for customers.
  • Better connectivity with customers using AI: Out of many applications of AI, chatbots are the most popular. Earlier, creating chatbots was difficult but today with Artificial Intelligence, deployment of bots has become easier. Chatbots can automate several labour-intensive tasks for employees, streamline help desk operations and administrative operations. Chatbots also minimize the chances of dependency on a human for customer care and for reinforcing customer business relationships.
  • Multi-cloud storage trend: Since different customers and business units have unique needs, they should not be using the same cloud providers and platforms. However, when choosing different providers, organizations must ensure that they can exert more control by formulating clear multi-cloud strategies. This is important to best leverage and coordinate multiple cloud drivers.
  • IoT analytics: Connectivity is increasing, especially with more and more devices being connected. Last year huge investments and adoptions were made on IoT and this process is continuing this year as well. These investments will help businesses to gain better insight into customer preferences and choices which will in turn help boost revenue, provide better competitive gains, and enhance customer engagement. It also helps to reduce cost and deliver better productivity.
  • Changing security scenario: Now, businesses are witnessing more sophisticated, targeted attacks, which necessitates more vigilance and awareness regarding the source of the threats. Businesses can rely on outsourced security solutions to ensure multi-cloud security.
  • Serverless architecture: Serverless computers are like those of Amazon Web Services Lambda and Microsoft Azure Functions that enable you to run code without provisioning or managing servers. These services are easy to use and cost-efficient and are likely to speed up development cycles and enable the IoT market to grow fast.
  • Block chain technology: Block chain technology is a new concept and many sectors are adopting this technology to handle data efficiently and prevent hacking of data and data leaks. Other applications such as tokenization, inter organizational data management, smart contracting and automated governance, digital identity etc are likely to gain popularity in 2019.

As providers of professional data conversion services and other business process outsourcing solutions to diverse businesses, we know how vital it is for organizations to understand how digital is bringing innovations and reshaping competition. Therefore, businesses must be aware of the new technology trends that will impact their digital future.

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