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How to Turn Around a Struggling Business


Keeping a business alive is challenging and requires close monitoring of each and every aspect of the business. To minimize distractions, save costs, and focus on core competencies, most organizations choose solutions such as back office outsourcing among other strategies. However, many businesses struggle to survive and turning around requires a lot of hard work. In the process of turning around, the important questions to consider are where to start making the changes, what tasks to prioritize, and how to ensure customer satisfaction in the middle of all this.

Struggling Business

Business owners can look out for some warning signs of a failing business. These include the following:

  • Finding it difficult to pay vendors
  • Low business margins
  • Lost customers

If you notice such things, then it’s time to wake up and take some constructive action. To avoid a crisis situation, business owners must regularly monitor their cash flow, which is an indicator of their ability to meet their financial obligations. Another metrics they can use is EBITDA (Earnings before Interest and Taxes), which signifies what it actually costs to run the business. It is important not to spend more than what you make.

Now let us consider some constructive steps a failing business can take to ensure positive results and turnaround.

  • Get to the root of the problem: Business owners must carefully evaluate where they are failing. They must consider whether they have a marketing problem, whether they need to cut expenses, and identify the areas where they must do so. This will enable them to create a good plan and invest their resources where they will have the maximum impact within minimum time.
  • Consider the competition: Consider carefully how your product/service is different from the competition. Communicate the specific, positive impact of your products and services to your customers so that they get an idea of your business value and will be persuaded to buy from you.
  • Try to simplify: Businesses can look for ways to simplify their processes without losing quality in any way. This will help cut costs and improve efficiency, which is a major step towards becoming profitable once again. Things that are consuming too much valuable time can be outsourced to a good business process outsourcing company. The focus must be on striking the best possible balance between cost, efficiency, and quality.
  • Talk to your customers: This is very important because you need to reassure your customers who may be getting nervous. Talk to your customers about your situation and inform them how you plan to rectify it.
  • Be customer friendly: Businesses that may have inadvertently made it difficult for customers to use their services are very likely to struggle. See whether you are using systems that make your work easier but require the customer to do too much on their end. Don’t make it difficult for customers to find the information they want or make a purchase. You can stay assured of increased revenue when you make things easy for your customers.
  • Keep only those employees that are really necessary: You can save money by letting some employees go without damaging your business. You could hire them back at a later time when your business is doing well. Another alternative is to cut their working hours temporarily and hope to restore the original working hours later.
  • Cut down unnecessary costs: Consider all your expenses and eliminate those you don’t need.
  • Focus on your strengths: Identify the resources you have and the potential areas where growth is possible. Tap into the expertise or skills of the people already on your team, and if needed bring in an external consultant. If you have loyal customers, encourage them to spread the word about your business and its value instead of investing in costly marketing software and ads.
  • Never lose sight of your core business objectives: Whatever measures you may take to turn around your business, do not change the way you make customers feel and the value of your business. Be sure to maintain the level of service that customers expect from you. Protecting the quality of your business is most important. Always keep in mind your business inspiration and goals so that you are motivated to move forward with the same passion.
  • Get in touch with tax authorities and your bank: If you find it difficult to pay your taxes, notify the authorities. This will help to be on better terms with them, and they usually work with you. In case you have loans from banks, call your loan officers and request them for a meeting in person. Inform them of your troubles and tell them about your plan of action to address the situation.

So, how do you ensure that the steps you take are working?

Review your financial, sales, and marketing performance data regularly to understand whether your strategies are working. Also, monitor staff management and employee engagement if you are measuring employee productivity. Hold regular meetings with your team to ensure you are making progress. As mentioned at the outset, back office outsourcing and other outsourced solutions are a great way to cut costs and improve in-house productivity. A successful turnaround with the right strategies and outsourced partnerships will save your business, and enable you to move forward along a new, more successful path.

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