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Why Is Mobility Important for a Good Document Management System?


A document management system (DMS) signifies a computer system and software that is used to store, manage, and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based information that is captured with the support of data entry services. A data entry company can help businesses and DMS companies to efficiently capture, store and retrieve their paper as well as PC-based information so that there are no more lost documents or costly misfiles.

Document Management

Any DMS should have mobility. Using a document management system that has mobility gives increased flexibility and convenience to find, share, track, store and manage data. It helps to improve productivity, efficiency and profitability. With a mobile document management system, you are no longer confined within the office space. Let us consider the major advantages of having a DMS with excellent mobility.

  • Having access to your software at all times: Mobility in document management allows users to access the software from anywhere in the world. Mobility in document management provides all data at your fingertips and you can access the required information on your mobile devices.
  • Beneficial for clients: Incorporating mobility into your DMS is advantageous for your clients as well. You can easily access the legal documents/contracts or other documents you need conveniently by implementing your mobile DMS software at your clients’ worksite. You don’t have to wait for the client to send these to you.
  • Save time and effort: With mobility in document management, all data will be stored in a centralized location. This prevents wastage of time and effort in searching for the required files.
  • Better productivity: When employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere, their satisfaction is increased, and productivity in turn increases.
  • Improved efficiency: Having access to data whenever you need it helps to remove roadblocks that occur when documents are stored in email accounts or private computers. With mobility in document management, you are ensured streamlined workflow and better efficiency.
  • Better profitability: With increased productivity and better efficiency, businesses can increase their profitability. With a staff that can turn around tasks and complete projects at an accelerated speed, your business can drive in more profit.
  • Reduced costs: Users can eliminate traditional paper-based transactions as well as operational costs related to printing, scanning and mailing documents.
  • More sales opportunities: The multi-faceted sales channel offered by mobile provides you with tools for a better conversion rate. Also, it will reduce the sales cycle completion time to increase productivity.

So, what are the main features to look for in your DMS?

Core Functionalities for a Platform with Excellent Mobility

  • The chosen platform should provide an easy integration framework to integrate mobile apps with back-end systems. This is important to ensure higher responsiveness across business processes.
  • The DMS system must have libraries of comprehensive imaging features that help to capture high quality document images. It should have capabilities like documents and data compression, auto extraction, auto photograph detection and cropping, offline capturing, quality enhancement and other important features. This will help to capture data and documents in a hassle-free manner.
  • The platform should have excellent configurability option and should not require major alterations in codes. User interface elements (such as look and feel, enabling/disabling various options, batch sizes) must be easily accessible for users.
  • The platform should provide security features that ensure that the apps are built and used in accordance with the security and management policy of your organization.

Businesses are looking for various strategies to improve their business processes and the important step in this journey is the digital transformation of data with the help of data entry and document conversion services. All organizations that are forward-thinking need to adopt mobile technology. They must clearly evaluate their business requirements and arrive at a good mobility strategy.

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