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Tips to Attract Young Talent to BPO Services


Business process outsourcing is an important element of business strategy for organizations that aim to run smoothly and become successful. BPO companies are now expanding their service line and developing new business models to match the latest technological trends like artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, machine learning etc. In 2017, the global market size of outsourced services was valued at 88.9 billion USD, an increase of 12 billion dollars from the previous year and the revenue of the global BPO industry was 24.6 billion US dollars in 2017. Due to the rising competition in the BPO sector and to meet the changing client dynamics, it is important for BPO organizations to recruit young talents. However, young employees are more demanding nowadays and it is important to keep them engaged and motivated to prevent high attrition and churn rates.

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So following are some of the tips from BPO providers with successful youth recruitment campaigns that will help keep young talents invested in the company.

  • Social media is popular among the youth and it is a valuable tool for recruitment. According to Josue Trejos, manager of Employment Branding at Sitel Group, youngsters spend so much time on social media platforms and these are the best venues to reach them. Using trendy and contemporary topics in social media helps to engage with young talent. Since the younger generation value real and authentic content, sharing testimonials from peer group employees would be a good strategy.
  • One of the effective methods of recruiting young employees to your BPO is paying your existing employees for driving in referrals. Granados from Atento says that they promote themselves both externally and internally to feed the database with referrals.
  • Young people get easily attracted to workplaces that are engaging. Many BPO providers offer cosy cabins, bean bags, allow pets inside the office, provide flexible and happy working hours, 120-days maternity leave, wellness coach, healthy diet etc. Providing a favorable workspace to young talents would reduce attrition rate and improve employee satisfaction. An employee centric and value-driven culture gives the organization a competitive advantage.
  • Using next gen tools like chatbots for recruitment is ideal especially when combined with the social media channel. Some BPO providers use bots to quickly respond to queries and also engage with potential candidates.
  • Before hiring new talent, give them exposure to your brand, clients etc. Also, show them a motivational video to let them know that the company cares for them. Present training or developmental program to show the opportunities they have and how can they grow. This will ensure that the young talents stay motivated. Make sure to communicate with the new candidates before they join the company.

With every year the need for BPO outsourced solutions is increasing drastically and to meet the changing demands of clients, organizations must recruit talented youngsters. To attract young talents to the BPO firm and keep them, it is important to provide them with a favorable workspace. With efficient employees, BPOs help their client companies reduce costs, gain innovative capabilities, and improve productivity and growth.

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