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Good Data Cleansing Tools to Get the Most Out of Your Data


Business enterprises largely depend on data whether it is the integrity of customers’ addresses or ensuring accurate invoices are emailed or posted to the recipients. The quality of data is critical if senior management are to take advantage of their customer data in a meaningful and productive way that gives intrinsic value to the company overall. Generally, data quality issues arise when anomalies are found in the database. The problem happens when you integrate data from different sources into a single data source. However, data cleansing can ensure data quality. Partnering with a reliable data cleansing company that offers data cleansing services will help you obtain accurate and relevant business records.

Data Cleansing Tools

Nowadays, many powerful, easy-to-use and affordable data cleaning tools are available that will help address bad quality data. Data cleansing software performs the cleaning task by systematically searching for discrepancies or anomalies by using algorithms or lookup tables and then correcting the issues. With a good data cleaning tool, duplicate entry elimination and data warehouse construction activities can be effectively achieved. Other major benefits that companies can achieve by cleansing data include improving the efficiency of customer acquisition activities, improving the decision making process, streamlining business processes, and increasing productivity and revenue.

Here is the list of some good data cleaning tools that businesses can utilize for the best results.

  • OpenRefine (formerly Google Refine) – It is a powerful tool for working with messy data, cleaning and transforming it. It is ideal for those looking for free and open source data cleansing tools and software programs. It can convert data from one format into another. It helps you explore big data sets with ease. In addition to that, it can be used to link and extend your data set with various web services. OpenRefine can also clean and transform data at a faster pace.
  • WinPure – It is one of the most popular and cost-effective data cleaning tools. It can clean, correct, standardize and remove all duplications from databases, spreadsheets, and CRMs. It can be used for databases such as Access, Dbase, SQL Server, and Txt files. This powerful tool is easy to use, secure, and ensures advanced data cleansing, fuzzy matching and super fast data scrubbing. The software is available in multi-language editions.
  • Data Ladder – It offers products such as DataMatch, an affordable data quality, data cleaning, matching and de-duplication software; and DataMatch Enterprise that includes advanced fuzzy matching algorithms for up to 100 million records. It has one of the highest matching accuracies and speed in the industry. Both these user-friendly tools help businesses of any size to manage their data cleansing processes with ease.
  • Quadient Data cleaner – This is a strong data profiling engine for analyzing the quality of data to drive better business decisions. This tool can find missing values, patterns, character sets and other characteristics in a data set to offer better results. It can detect duplicates using fuzzy logic and create a single version of it. It also allows you to build your own cleansing rules and compose them into several scenarios to target databases.
  • Cloudingo – Salesforce data cleansing tool that eliminates duplicates, cleans records, and maintains data quality all in one place. It is a perfect option for businesses of all sizes, where the data is updated in bulk and all imported files are cleansed before accessing Salesforce. The automation capabilities of this tool ensure that data is regularly scanned for errors. Its key features include simplicity, capability for deleting unnecessary and stale records, updating records in bulk, automating on a schedule etc.
  • Reifier – Reifier by Nube Technologies utilizes Spark for distributed entity resolution, de-duplication and record linkage. Its features include high accuracy, fast deployment, run time performance, ease of use and applicability to multiple domains. It uses machine learning algorithms to provide the best entity resolution and fuzzy data matching with a scale out distributed architecture.
  • IBM Infosphere Quality Stage – It is designed to support data quality. It allows you to investigate, cleanse and manage your data with ease and build consistent views of your most important units such as customers, vendors, products and locations. It helps you deliver quality data for big data, business intelligence, data warehousing, application migration and master data management.
  • TIBCO Clarity – It offers on-demand software services from the web in the form of Software-as-a-service. It makes it easy for users to profile, validate, standardize, transform, and de-duplicate data. It enables cleansing addresses, thus helping to identify the trends quickly and make smart decisions.
  • Drake – It is a simple to use, extensible, text-based tool that organizes command execution around data and its dependencies. It has data processing steps defined along with their inputs and outputs. Drake automatically resolves their dependencies and calculates which commands to execute and in what order to execute the commands.
  • Trifacta Wrangler – It is an interactive tool for data cleaning and transformation. The significant features of this tool include less formatting time and larger focus on analyzing data. This tool helps data analysts in cleaning messy, diverse data more quickly and accurately. Its machine-learning algorithms help you prepare data by suggesting common transformations and aggregations.
  • AnalyticsCanvas – This tool helps automate all the Facebook and Google Analytics insights dataflow, performs calculations, connects to different data sources, transforms data and allows exporting the data for further storage and visualization.

Data cleansing can save time as well as money and help business enterprises to achieve their goals with ease. Data cleansing outsourcing to a reliable data cleansing company benefits you with quick turnaround time, better quality assurance, state-of-the-art technology, expert professional team on each project, strict file security measures and competitive pricing.

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