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Get Familiar with These Top Document Scanning Apps


It’s a fact we are not paper-free even in 2018. Many important documents are still printed out on paper. It is ideal to consider document scanning services, as managing all these paper documents can be difficult. With the availability of advanced document scanning apps, it’s now possible to scan paper-based items such as letters, receipts and contracts using the camera of your mobile device.

Document Scanning App

Instead of having bulky scanners, why not use your phone to scan documents and save them safely in the cloud for future use. With these apps, you can also send documents quickly. These are practical when your document scanning requirements are not heavy.

Some of the Android scanner apps come with powerful editing features as well as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) support. With the right apps, you can improve the amount of work done and thus increase productivity.

Being able to easily scan and save your lease, receipts, or other important paperwork can ensure that you never lose a document again.

Dropbox Business

Document Scanning Apps


This is a great way to store and organize sensitive company documents. This mobile app allows easy uploading and organizing of scans from whiteboards, receipts, sketches, and more. With its optical character recognition (OCR) support, users can even search for text within their files. It also features a multi-page support that allows you to add new scans as additional pages. As this app works across Android and iOS devices, you can transfer important documents to save virtually in the cloud quickly and easily.

Genius Scan

Document Scanning Apps


Genius Scan enables you to quickly scan documents and export them as JPEG or PDF with multiple pages. This app’s scanning technology includes smart page detection, perspective correction and image enhancement. Its batch scanning allows scanning dozens of pages in a matter of seconds. In addition, Genius Scan also offers powerful tools to organize and safely export your documents. This app’s key feature is the auto upload to Google drive or any cloud storage where the scanned documents are secure. The clarity, the color and edit options, upload options to various apps and the easy-to-find scroll down option makes it a valuable one.


Document Scanning Apps


The most advanced PDF scanner app for iPhone, iPad and Android, Scanbot provides the easiest and fastest way to create high quality scans. During document scanning, this app makes hundreds of decisions to capture the document perfectly, crop the document, straighten it and apply the filter. It supports all major cloud services and remembers your last folders, so that you can upload the documents with one tap. You can also set up one location, where all captured documents get transferred automatically. This software also supports iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Amazon Drive, Slack, Todolist, OneDrive, OneNote and Box. The latest version of this award winning scanner app – Scanbot 7 comes with groundbreaking new filters, a new search and lots of new themes.

Abby FineScanner

Document Scanning Apps


This is a free pocket scanner for any type of documents. It applies advanced optical character recognition technology to recognize text from scans for further editing and sharing in 12 most useful formats, including Word, doc, docx, Excel, xls, xlsx, exel and pdf. Ideal as photo scanner, receipt scanner, slide scanner, business card scanner and book scanner at the same time, it can scan any printed or handwritten papers, create perfect digital copies and save them to JPEG or PDF documents.

If your requirement is to scan large volume documents on a regular basis, it would be ideal to outsource the task to an experienced document scanning company. Make sure that the company uses advanced document scanners with unique features to perform the job well.

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