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What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development?


Outsourcing Software DevelopmentOutsource software development? The first question that comes to your mind is whether it will have an impact on quality. Surely, quality can be ensured only with the right business process outsourcing company and reliable outsourced solutions. Amid the rapid technological innovations being introduced, it may be challenging for companies to be able to design a whole spectrum of the required technical software. Outsourcing could help in this regard. It will help bridge any tech talent gap and get tasks such as big data processing and cybersecurity done more efficiently. In addition, outsourcing can help save money you would have to spend on internal salaries and enable current employees to complete other tasks in the organization. Statista figures show that in 2017, the global outsourcing market amounted to $88.9 billion and is poised to hold steady in 2018 particularly for business services, healthcare, and energy. This emphasizes the significance of outsourcing.

Effective implementation of outsourcing can be a major factor of success in your software company or division. The wrong software outsourcing choice can prove very costly to the organization in terms of money, time, technical hitches, security issues and other concerns. QA capability of the software developers is an important consideration because you don’t want to end up with bugs in your system that can cause serious hassles. In other words, organizations planning to outsource must make sure that they are partnering with a good and reliable software developer that adheres to excellent quality standards, and clearly focuses on your requirements and intended results. That said, let us see how outsourcing software development can be advantageous.

  • Easier and more convenient management: Software development is a complex responsibility and when this is outsourced to a good third party vendor, the organization need not spend valuable time tracking and controlling progress. In-house IT teams are freed from devoting their time and focus to lengthy development projects. Outsourcing enables in-house teams to more easily manage issues such as business continuity, cybersecurity, network maintenance, and end-user support – all of which are vital to smooth business operations each day.
  • Less cost: This is one of the main advantages of outsourcing because it reduces labour cost and operational expenses. Experienced professionals can deliver better in shorter timeframes, and the organization need not incur overhead associated with in-house resources and extensive recording. A team of experienced developers provides optimal outcome at lower costs.
  • Better focus: Outsourcing helps the in-house team to be focused on core business functions like marketing, customer service etc. When more time-consuming processes are outsourced, business teams can focus more on growth. Small, medium and even large organizations often find it difficult to keep up with the changing technology and consumer expectations, and so they resort to outsourcing software development for better flexibility, potential and accuracy.
  • Gain access to a pool of skilled workers: When outsourcing, you are not restricted to local workers. It helps you utilize the skills of professional software developers anywhere in the world that can provide quality work in less time with utmost accuracy. Some people recruit, train and retain highly skilled software programmers but it is an expensive affair and may not be feasible in the long run, especially if it is a short-term need. On the other hand, outsourcing lets you benefit from the best expertise without long-term investment.
  • Saving company resources: Even software companies engaged in high-priority projects may choose to outsource other smaller projects to external providers when they do not have resources to fulfil those projects. Outsourcing enables preservation of company resources that can be fully deployed on other initiatives and operations that are done affordably on-site. A third party provider may already have the talent and tools required for the job, and this will help you plan for development without spending on new software tools, infrastructure improvement, and increased payroll and benefit expenses.
  • Better resources: Small companies may not have the systems or IT skills and it can be costly to invest in tools and skilled workers, whereas outsourcing provides greater access to greater resources and skilled workers, and also assures delivery with no concerns of budgeting for the proper tools and talent.
  • Expansion of markets: Organizations invest in proprietary software to expand into new markets or offer additional services to their customers. For example, free/affordable mobile apps help enhance brand recognition and customer loyalty while also ensuring services to customers in an easily accessible and handy format. Website development and design experts can assist with improving an organization’s online presence by incorporating the latest advanced technologies to ensure improved performance, SEO, stability, security and other important elements of the online experience.
  • Software DevelopmentInvest in other core areas: The money that is saved by outsourcing software projects can be diverted to external investments or capital funds. Growing companies especially need to focus on savings and leverage it whenever possible. Outsourcing helps you to have considerable savings to lower your investment and increase your buffer capital for business operations.
  • Reduce risk: Software outsourcing can reduce risk, when it is done to a capable development firm. The third-party provider assumes the responsibility to deliver a quality product according to your specifications, so creating software that adds value to your business becomes a low-risk consideration. When you have a dedicated, expert software developer working for you, they will ensure that your digital systems are compliant with all government regulations. This in turn helps to lessen the risks of fines and possible lawsuits that may arise if customer records are mismanaged or exposed through poor software design.

Whatever BPO services you may be considering, including software development outsourcing, teamwork with your partnering company is indispensable. This will help your software developer to better comprehend your requirements regarding user interface and experience. Ensure that you have a clear idea about your partnering company’s work history and successes across diverse markets. Obtaining references that can substantiate their work would be great. Importantly, the business process outsourcing company must be aware of all the latest technologies and standards, and attach prime importance to security. Understand about the procedures that they have in place to ensure business continuity. Make sure that they have a reliable QA system in place to confirm quality.

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