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How Compliance and Employee Behavior Can Impact Data Security


Digital TransformationDigital transformation is something that many organizations have been implementing for several years. From planning to distribution and sales to customers, digital technology has streamlined and enhanced the efficiency of workflow in organizations. The demand for solutions such as data conversion services has also increased with its assurance of improved efficiency of the organization and more cost-effective and productive business models across the company’s entire value stream. With speedy digital transformation, protecting your data from data breaches and assuring data security is also crucial. Therefore, being complaint and improving security consequences are vital considerations for any organization.

Employees are among the biggest assets of any organization, but they are a major cause of data breaches and non-compliance. One negligent employee can wreak havoc throughout the organization, compromising various processes and information. Therefore, increasing user awareness and enhancing security consciousness is very important for businesses desiring a culture of security throughout the entire organization.

A survey of 304 IT professionals by HANDD found that 21 percent of respondents felt regulations, legislation and compliance will be the greatest business challenges to impact data security while 21 percent believe that the behavior of employees and their reactions to social engineering attacks also pose a big challenge.

HANDD determined the top challenges to be regulation, managing access to data, education and awareness, skill and resources and employee pushback. Experts and observers in the field believe that it is important to keep in mind that compliance and regulation is persuading businesses and business leaders to improve their data security, enhance their knowledge of risk and their role in leading information security, which is why it is considered a significant challenge. Businesses need to adapt the way they communicate to reflect this challenge and improve the training they provide staff.

Data SecurityThere are certain questions organizations can consider when working towards data security and compliance.

  • How can we make sure that our data is secure?
  • What performance/operational changes need to be made to ensure we can respond to compliance?
  • What local regulations restrict how and where we use data?
  • Are there any other local rules we need to be aware of?
  • What approach should we adopt in our relationship with regulators in each of our markets?
  • What action is to be taken in the event of a breach?
  • How to effectively keep track of the many regulations across markets and across various business areas, many of which are very likely to change?

The issue of compliance may seem foreboding and too expensive for businesses but it can be efficiently met with the right technologies and strategies. Comprehensive encryption technologies can simplify the compliance process and thereby reduce your financial, operational, and business risk. These offer excellent data protection while also making available an easily manageable, scalable, and adaptable platform for meeting all legislative requirements. With the right data security and compliance strategies, organizations can stay compliant with governmental mandates, keep security costs under control and provide robust protection for workers, customers and other entities involved.

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