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Transforming Traditional Microfiche to New Alternative Formats


MicroficheBusinesses, government entities, healthcare organizations, academic and non-academic organizations have either completely transformed to a digital environment or are in the process of digital transformation. In this momentous transition, document scanning companies have proven to be valuable partners. Apart from paper documents, organizations also have data stored in microfilm and microfiche. Libraries have numerous books and newspapers preserved on microfilm and microfiche. These formats are used to store huge volumes of data, picture images, drawings, blue prints etc. However, there are certain disadvantages associated with microfiche and microfilm and the foremost is the significant storage space required to maintain the reels and the large machines required to read them. Moreover, they are not a totally secure way of storing important data. They are vulnerable to heat, water, humidity, fire, and can be damaged by wear and tear. All valuable data in microfiche and microfilm can be converted into digital format using advanced scanners and other equipment, or outsourced to providers of microfiche or microfilm scanning services.

Let us consider the reasons why you should have your microfiche data digitized.

  • Digital versions are less expensive to maintain
  • The converted data can be accessed quickly from anywhere, anytime, with an internet connection.
  • Digitized microfiche images can be viewed with the highest possible clarity.
  • Digitized microfiche data can be efficiently secured against theft, damage and destruction.

MicroficheMicrofiche conversion requires considerable expertise, and therefore must be professionally done. This calls for professional microfiche scanning services. Care should be taken not to accidentally destroy any data sets during the conversion process. Expert scanning services are beneficial in that they have the capabilities to run your microfiche through various digital and analog filters that clean up the image, and you can expect an improved quality of your data. Moreover, you can expect them to work much faster than if you were to attempt the conversion in-house.

A good document scanning company can handle large volumes of microfiche for converting it into digital format without causing any damage. They can help increase the efficiencies of the organization. Users can retrieve the information they want instantly, and if OCR (optical character recognition) is incorporated, full-text searches can be performed. Document imaging systems have special software incorporated that can update or redact the information found on the images without alering the original file. This feature is especially beneficial if you need to share a document without disclosing highly sensitive information.

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