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Restore Your Videos by Digitizing Your DVDs


Digitizing Your DVDsIt is quite common to have a dusty rack full of DVDs lying in the corner of your house or office. Today only very few people use DVDs and majority of them have switched to digital files. There are providers of data conversion services that help in converting DVDs into digital files. Ripping CDs or DVDs is a breeze and music stores like iTunes, Amazon and Netflix make it easy to buy music and movies. Here are some of the advantages of digitizing your DVD library:

  • To stream your videos directly on to your tablets, computer, blu-ray player on any such devices
  • Helps to upgrade your standard DVDs to HD quality for clearest picture
  • Protects your DVDs from fire, scratches and loss
  • Helps to watch movies or videos from anywhere

Vudu – the New Digital Conversion App

Vudu, an app owned by Walmart offers disc-rich movie fans the ability to convert their DVD and Bluray to digital files through its Disc-to-Digital program. With a smartphone and the barcode on the DVD boxes, it makes conversion an easy process. The Mobile Disc-to-Digital service gives users the facility to convert their movie collections into digital format. Upgrading a DVD to HDX format will cost only $5 and it allows access to an Ultra Violet digital copy which can be streamed through the Vudu app offline.

To use this app, simply download this service, scan the barcode on the case and choose the resolution for the conversion and the app will convert to the desired format. This app allows you to convert only one title at a time or upload all your collection in one shot. This app is compatible with Android and iOS phones.
Digital Conversion App
The main disadvantage of this app is that it works only when you are physically in the location you list as your home or billing address on your Vudu account. This could be a precaution to keep people from trying to upload movies when they don’t own the DVD.

If you are DVD collector and wish to convert all your movies and other video into digital format then you can download the Vudu app and do the conversion on your own. However, for large volume conversions, hiring reliable data conversion services would be an easier and more practical option, and the job will be professionally done.

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