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Impact of Digitization on the Retail Industry


Impact of DigitizationInformation technology, coupled with document digitization services, has transformed the retail industry. Large size has ceased to be an asset as smaller companies are able to adapt more easily this dynamic business environment. The digital revolution has changed the way business is conducted in the retail industry.

Retail businesses find it difficult to handle voluminous information in paper format and it could also involve costs associated with document loss or misfiling and storage. The solution lies in digitization. However, they would be confused as to what, when and how to start digitizing, as a huge volume of paper documents are pile up on a daily basis. Sorting and delivering these documents is time-consuming, which increases production cost and delays.

As a result, many retail businesses are outsourcing the task of converting their paper documents to digital format. A professional document scanning company that offers bulk document scanning services can easily complete the task in quick turnaround time.  Documents in electronic format are easier to handle, and can be quickly retrieved and processed. Efficient document conversion services are available for supplier invoices, staff HR records, purchase orders, signed forms and contracts, business correspondence, VAT receipts, and much more.

Being the third biggest country in terms of internet users in the world, India has a growing financial sector and a highly social and mobile audience. A recent article in The Economic Times discusses how digitization has transformed the retail industry in India. According to the article the government and regulators are welcoming this uprising of technology which is catapulting India into the digital age.

The Indian financial retail services sector is quickly growing and varying. Using platforms like e-KYC (Know Your Customer), e-signature, UPI (Unified Payment Interface), electronic NACH facility and central KYC Registry, the government has built an environment that supports digital India. The recently launched QR code payment service marks the evolution of a move away from a cash-based society.  When it comes to meeting their financial needs like cash transfer and investments, tech-savvy consumers are demanding more and more options on their mobile devices.

All of this would have been impossible without document digitization services. Efficient document scanning and imaging has helped the retail sector leverage the maximum value from electronic document capture. In addition to reducing storage costs and promoting document security, these services allow banks and retail industries to improve customer experiences, extend reach and improve efficiency.

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