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Simple and Effective Tips for Data Cleansing


Simple and Effective Tips for Data CleansingData quality is an essential element for any business organization. There are two main aspects to data quality improvement – data scrubbing (cleansing) preferably with the help of data cleansing services to eliminate errors within the database, and data maintenance that involves ongoing data correction and verification. Cleaning data means a detailed analysis and review of pre-existing data to identify incorrect, incomplete, invalid and duplicate entries and rectify them. Regularly carrying out this process will help avoid a scenario where you are encountering low response rates and marketing campaigns are not proving cost effective. To manage large-volume data successfully and to make use of the available information and gain valuable insights, organizations must have a clear and well-defined approach to data strategy, data cleansing and analytics.

Here are four simple tips to clean your existing data:

  • Identify and eliminate duplicate data: Matching, margining and cleaning the existing data will ensure that there is no duplication of data.
  • Standardization and normalization of data: Standardizing and normalizing data will ensure the consistency of data throughout the database.
  • Verification and validation of data: Verifying the business records and matching them against up-to-date sources of information to validate the details and ensure accuracy.
  • Update data: Identifying missing details and updating the information are other important things to do to ensure that the data is reliable.

Data cleansing ensures that the information in an organization is complete, current and accurate. Keeping your data clean and transparent brings the following benefits:

  • Better targeting and ROI
  • Improves efficiency, productivity and decision making
  • Saves time, money and effort
  • Enables you to focus on core activities of the firm
  • Ensures legal compliance

In a competitive world, organizations have to constantly update their database in order to maintain integrity, validity and add value to their ongoing business process. Only with clean data can they benefit from analytics and useful business insights. The role data cleansing companies play in this regard is highly significant. In the current business scenario, businesses must become innovative and re-evaluate how they are managing data to enjoy the rewards and beat the competition.

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