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How Can You Do CAD Conversion from PDF Format


CAD ConversionCAD conversion involves creating accurate DWG or DXF CAD drawings from sketches, hardcopy drawings or hand drawings where the CAD file is not available. The CAD format is widely used in the manufacturing and engineering industry. The DWG format stores 2D and 3D drawings’ data and contents and is the most commonly used and general format used by AutoCAD and many other CAD software applications. This format saves the design specifications and metadata that comprise the CAD drawing.

A document scanning company provides vectorized CAD file format, using conversion software or tracing the original scan. With CAD, any 2D drawing or sketch can be converted into a 3D model that can be modified on your computer screen. This computer aided software allows you to cross check various processes and rectify flaws that were not spotted when the design was on paper.

Among the various file formats, PDF is most commonly used because it is compatible with almost all computer applications. PDF files can be converted into CAD format using converter tools available online. Here are some useful ones.

  1. Able2Extract: Developed by Investintech, this tool converts PDFs that contain design info to the general CAD file format. It works for both Windows and Mac platforms.
  2. AutoDWG PDF to DWG Converter: This tool converts PDF to DXF. It offers specific page conversions from PDF and supports multipage file input. The software retains the actual dimensions of the drawing structures from the PDF reader.
  3. Any PDF to DWG converter: You can convert 2D and 3D PDF drawings to the default CAD DWG files. Fully compatible with all DWG and DXF versions of files, it does not require AutoCAD to work. Its most significant feature is its capability to retain colors and resize the drawings according to the set scale.
  4. PDFin converter: Available for free download, it converts PDF to the latest DWG and DXF files quickly and efficiently.
  5. PDF to DWG converter: It can convert multiple PDF files into separate DXF/DWG files. The PDF files are converted in a few steps.

Outsourcing CAD conversion to a reliable provider of document conversion services saves businesses costs, time and effort. This is because it provides you with expert opinion and access to the very best software for optimum results. However, all providers are not the same and the selection has to be carefully made. Entities that can benefit from these services include architects, construction firms, engineers, homebuilders and design agencies among others.

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