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Fleet Management Made More Efficient with Business Process Outsourcing Solutions


Business Process Outsourcing SolutionsVehicle fleet management is a complex activity which can make use of valuable business process outsourcing solutions to improve efficiency, reduce risk and enjoy significant savings. Now, the focus of outsourcing is shifting and organizations have started outsourcing strategic operations that encompass core activities. Outsourcing fleet management is a strategic decision and it will help companies to achieve economies of scale and lessen business risk.

Let us look at some of the ways in which outsourcing is a gainful activity for fleet management companies.

  • A fleet manager gets to save a lot of time. With sufficient time and information in hand, managers can drive change through their organization.
  • Outsourcing makes available modern tools and technology that will help increase efficiency. Tracking devices in the vehicles are examples of the innovative technology tools available today. Tracking devices in the vehicles can locate a stolen/hijacked vehicle. They can also analyze driver behaviour – whether the driver is idling, speeding, breaking too quickly, taking a longer route. It can clearly show when the driver begins and when he/she ends the journey. There are alert systems as well to warn the driver in case of speeding.
  • Avoid the hassles associated with activities such as procuring a fleet. Experienced outsourcing providers ensure that vehicle selection is as per requirement and will also select the optimum time and distance combination that will ensure the lowest total life cost.
  • Enjoy tailor-made fleet solutions that save you money and help meet strategic goals. The bpo company would function as a consultant partner when providing fleet solutions.

Here some tips to consider when outsourcing fleet management.

  • The core strengths of your company and the secondary strengths.
  • Decide on the processes that can be outsourced
  • Calculate the total cost of in-housing business processes including hidden costs like office space and staff on-costs.
  • Check the return on investment (ROI)
  • Identify the costs of not outsourcing
  • Check for potential suppliers who can really offer cost savings
  • Calculate the risks of outsourcing vs. doing the tasks in-house

With the right outsourcing model, fleet management can become more efficient and professional.

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