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Speed up Excel Data Entry with These Simple Tips


Excel Data Entry TipsMicrosoft Excel provides a practical and efficient way for businesses to store data and when bulk data is to be managed, organizations prefer using the services of a data entry company. This is because the data has to be entered quickly and accurately into the Excel worksheets so that you can easily use the tools to analyze and report on the data. Data entry into Excel can be confusing and even advanced users sometimes end up using complicated approaches. There are a number of shortcuts to use when entering data into an Excel worksheet or data entry form.

Here are some tips below to make Excel data entry easier and more manageable.

  • To change the currently selected cell, either left click the desired cell, or use the arrow keys to navigate to it.
  • Once you have finished entering data into a cell, press Tab to move to the next cell in that row.
  • After entering data into the last desired cell on a row, to move to the first cell in the next row, press Enter.
  • When typing long paragraphs of text, and you want to move to a new line while staying in the same cell press Alt + Enter.
  • To enter the current date, press Ctrl+;
  • To repeat data from the row or cell immediately above, press Ctrl+’ (single quote).
  • Moving between columns and rows:
    • Press Ctrl + Down Arrow to go to the last cell used in the active column
    • Press Ctrl + Up Arrow to go to the first cell in the active column
    • Press Ctrl + Right Arrow to move to the last cell used in the current row
    • Press Ctrl + Left Arrow to go to the first cell used in the active row
  • Keeping leading zeros: When you enter lease numbers, product codes etc. that begin with one or more leading zeros, Excel deletes these leading zeros assuming that the entries are numbers. To keep these leading zeros, you have to format your worksheet cells as text, not numbers. There are 2 ways to do this:
    • Type an apostrophe (‘) in front of the data. You have to add the apostrophe at the beginning of each entry and not just the data with leading zeros.
    • Format selected cells as text. For this:
      • Select the cells or an entire column that will contain numbers stored as text.
      • Right click the selection, choose Format Cells, then click Number.
      • Click Text in the Category list, and then click OK to apply.
  • Copy-pasting more than one item at a time: To copy items from one Excel workbook to another, or to another application such as Word, use the Office Clipboard that keeps track of the last set of items you copied or cut. Here is how to go about it:
    • Turn on the Office Clipboard that is located at the far left in the Home menu. Click once on the button at the bottom right corner of the Clipboard group to open the Clipboard Task Pane.
    • Each item you copy/cut will appear in the Clipboard:
      • To customize how you want to work with the Clipboard, click on the Options button.
      • Click any item you want to paste into your worksheet.
      • Click Paste All option to paste all items into your worksheet.
      • Choose the Clear All option to remove every item in the Clipboard.
      • If you want to delete individual items, keep the mouse pointer over an item, then click the down arrow that appears next to it, and choose Delete to remove that item.

You can see that MS Excel data entry involves the use of a number of shortcuts. You have to be thorough with these shortcuts to ensure speedy and accurate data entry. The advantage of Excel data entry outsourcing is that you receive the service of expert professionals adept at using the latest versions of Excel. They will help you make the best use of this document format to capture and manage your bulk business data. With all data streamlined and managed, you can handle your business affairs more efficiently.

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