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Knowing Different Aspects of E-Book Conversion


E-Book ConversionReading is a favorite pastime of many people around the globe and carrying books around with them is not always possible. This has led to the emergence of digital books through eBook conversion. Now, people are becoming more inclined towards reading on electronic media that offers a number of advantages over print media. Digital books can be accessed on a special type of reader with the use of compatible software. The main benefits of e-books are:

  • They are portable and you can read them anywhere.
  • e-versions of books, magazines or newspapers can be downloaded and read at your convenience.
  • e-Books have a wide range of features that enable easy reading. The latest feature allows you to listen to your books as they are read out loud by the device. These are ideal for people who would listen to the books rather than read them.
  • e-Books are environment-friendly because there is no paper involved.

Some Aspects of e-Book Conversion

  • Various e-book Formats
    The various e-book formats include PDF, epub, MOBI, RTF, DOCX and so on. The PDF format supported by Adobe System is the most popular format for e-Books. Authors and publishers have a wide range of formats for e-books and an open format for e-book is in progress that can be used by a variety of software and hardware of the e-book readers. A number of readers are available on the digital stores that support e-books in their various formats. Attractive visual effects, day/night mode, bookmarks etc. are features that distinguish these readers and enhance the quality of the reading experience.
  • E-book Library
    Many libraries have an e-book library that offers online e-books to the public. It allows people to access knowledge from anywhere in the world without having to go to a library and refer physical books. Recent research showed that almost 66% of libraries in the US offer e-books to the public. For instance, the New York Public Library has an e-library from where you can download e-books, audio books, talking picture books and music. They allow users to download free content, provide recommendations as to what to read next and also help you find good apps.
  • Digital Readers
    There are many digital readers available in the market that are used to read e-books. These are portable devices with 5 to 10 inch screens, which are designed to display digitized versions of printed books. They are lightweight and are thin built like smartphones. An e-book reader can hold thousands of titles. Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iPad, and Sony are the most popular hardware readers available today. An e-book reader is a great option for voracious readers who carry books around with them to several favorite reading locations.

Converting print books to e-books cannot be efficiently done by DIY tools. The expertise of an experienced document conversion company is important to ensure accurate and professional e-book conversion. When you need to convert hundreds of printed pages into appealing, interactive e-books having a consistent format and style, professional e-Book conversion services are advisable. Utilizing professional service providers enables publishers and authors to create stunning e-books that are compatible with all major eBook readers.

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