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The Need for Data Entry Outsourcing in the Publishing Industry


Data Entry OutsourcingThe publication industry produces a wide range of publications like magazines, books, newspapers, directories and so on. Accurate data entry is indispensable for the publishing industry. Requirements include image data entry and digital archiving, and data conversion services. Sometimes clients may have unique requirements such as SGML entry of scientific text comprising math and tables. For detailed and correct entry of data, the ideal option is to outsource to a reputable data entry company that can provide optimal results in minimal time.

The publication industry has various working departments including the following:

  • Writing and editing: Writers, authors, reporters and correspondents write articles and other content that needs to be edited thoroughly. With document conversion all the paper materials can be digitized, which makes editing easier.
  • Sales, promotion and marketing: This department maintains information such as past and present sales reports, market research data, marketing and distribution data and so on. For any publishing house this data is important to identify its targeted market, to ensure publications are delivered on time and to keep up consumer demand. Data entry outsourcing to a reliable vendor ensures that this valuable information can be stored, accessed and retrieved quickly.
  • General administration: This department handles accounting, recruitment and other administrative functions. Valuable data maintained include company policies, subsidiary rights, permissions for copyrights, license for reproducing copyrighted materials, transportation of publications and so on. All this information can be transformed into digital copies for easy storage. This helps reduce storage space, increases accessibility and also saves time.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Dedicated data entry services can provide the following benefits to the publishing industry.

  • A professional team of skilled and experienced data entry operators who can deliver quality output with accurate data
  • Highly advanced technology that can quickly transform data into digital format.
  • Customized service according to the requirements of the client.
  • Complete confidentiality ensured for client’s data.

Publishers can focus their resources on vital business functions while the partnering data entry company takes care of all their data entry and management needs.

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