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Huntington County Recorder’s Office Goes Digital


Huntington County Recorder's OfficeDigitization seems to be one of the most important activities in many organizations that don’t want to be left behind in this fast-paced technology driven world. Moreover, there is also the desire to go “green.” With state-of-the-art document scanning and conversion services, businesses and other organizations find it easy to preserve valuable documents while successfully reducing storage space in the office.

In Indiana, Huntington County Recorder’s office digitized nearly 117000 pages of documents for preserving their valuable records. The digitized records include mortgage records, military discharges, liens, public and private bonds, personal property and power of attorneys and so on. They have records from 1834 and now they are digitizing records belonging to the period 1919 to the late 1960s. The main aim of digitizing is to preserve the old records. Once digitized, they are uploaded to the Internet and stored in servers in Huntington County recorder’s office and on a server in lowa.Two employees of Overland Conversion physically scanned the documents nine days, scanning a total of 116,900 pages of records. The cost of the project is paid from the recorder’s perpetuation fund.

Digitization and Records Management

With digitization, records management becomes easier. Speed of communication is the primary requirement for any organization. Organizations cannot any longer depend on inefficient and slow paper-based information. Therefore digitization along with records management is important. Following are some of the major advantages of electronic conversion of paper documents as well as microfilm, microfiche and so on.

  • The documents can be stored safely for long-term and short-term use
  • Can be accessed only by the right people
  • Retrieve data quickly when required
  • Saves time
  • Many people can access the same data simultaneously
  • High security of documents
  • Prevents data loss due to damages or disaster
  • Reduces costs and maintenance
  • Less space and easy storage
  • Accessible from anywhere

To scan large volume documents, the best option is to obtain reliable document scanning services that can digitize your documents quickly without any error. A good document conversion company would use advanced scanning equipment to ensure superior quality results. These services are affordable and your digitization project will be completed well before the targeted time.

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