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Indian E-Commerce Firm Flipkart Secures $1 Billion in Fresh Funding


FlipkartThe magic of e-commerce has made online shopping a wonderful experience to customers, as they can buy and sell almost everything at their doorsteps. Today, the frequency of online purchase has increased a lot due to the convenience factor and purchase satisfaction. As per statistics, the number of online shoppers in the United States will surpass 200 million by 2015. However, e-commerce websites are not only beneficial to shoppers but also to sellers as well. Take the case of India’s biggest online retailer, Flipkart that has raised $1 billion of fresh capital from new as well as existing investors.

It is reported that, at global level, the revenue raised by Flipkart would rank second to Uber’s recent funding of $1.2 billion. Flipkart claims to have 22 million registered users and handles around 5 million shipments per month and is having over four million daily visits. They offer more than 70 categories of goods and services, ranging from electronics to books.

There are certain key factors that contribute to the popularity of websites, among which designing of the e-commerce website is a major one. User-friendly design and superior functionality ensure online customers a great shopping experience.

Role of E-Commerce Website Design in Increasing Sales

The design and page disposition of an e-commerce portal are important factors that drive traffic and sales. It virtually projects the ambiance and quality of the company. Certain aspects are to be considered while designing an e-commerce website.

  • It should be reliable, by which users may find it persuasive, attractive and striking in their first visit itself.
  • The home page should have a brief profile and USP of the company.
  • Features should be relevant, clearly visible and accessible to users.
  • Ensure that standard features such as search boxes, shopping cart options, gift vouchers, and FAQ pages are present.
  • 24 hour online support, special offers, delivery policies, and e-brochures must be provided within the portal.
  • Data available within the website should be indexed to make surfing as easy as possible.
  • There should be a mechanism to ensure smooth navigation, to repeatedly test the landing pages, button placement and content.
  • Call to actions should be represented as bold and/or animated.
  • Including shopping cart solutions allows customers to save information for future purchase and to recommend additional complimentary products.

Adopting these tips in website design will help to attract more customers and to keep them engaged. Obviously, the revenue will increase with increasing number of shoppers. E-commerce web design is applicable not only for designing a new website, but also in redesigning the existing portal. Redesigning would produce a better version of the website with improved features and functionality to beat the competition.

Implementing suitable SEO strategies, maintaining a robust database to keep track of orders and backup data, providing multiple payment options, etc are some other techniques for effective sales promotion.

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