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Small Companies are Starting To Favor Outsourcing


Many corporate giants have already embraced the concept of outsourcing as a cost-effective business enhancement option. Small businesses were a bit hesitant to adopt this practice as they didn’t want to take risks during the nurturing stage itself. However, a recent report from CNN-IBN reveals that even small businesses now have many of their jobs done overseas with the help of prominent freelancing sites such as Elance, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour and others.

The CNN-IBN report highlights a survey conducted by Elance involving 837 U.S. small businesses, which showed that around 78% businesses depend on freelancers to gain an advantage over their competitors. The emerging trend of outsourcing business processes to different part of the world is advantageous in that small businesses can establish worldwide firms and work round the clock through online media rather than sticking to a traditional office. It is far more flexible as well as competitive.

The major reasons for this inclination small businesses show towards outsourcing are cost savings, access to variety of talents and less hiring time. If you start a software company, you have to establish hardware facilities for hiring programmers. Now, consider you are outsourcing the programming job to freelancers. It will eliminate the need for ‘hardware facilities’ and considerably reduce the overall capital of the project. You can access the service of varied talents quickly and apply a lot of innovative ideas to your project.

However, foreign labor still bears the stigma of sloppy work. The quality of work is sometimes uncertain as outsourcing involves working with a mixed work culture. In most of the cases, you can’t be sure that the result will be the same as that you expect. This scenario made certain companies to rethink and outsource within the U.S itself. Virtual Work Team, a U.S company that offers administrative service to corporations and entrepreneurs is an example for it. The company hires only freelancers within the United States.

Even so, marketing experts affirm that the overall benefits of outsourcing can overcome the drawbacks. A reliable outsourcing company enriched with skilled and experienced professionals can bring exceptional quality to work.  Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is a perfect example for such an outsourcing company that has a team of professionals who can understand the specific challenges of your business and deliver customized solutions in time. The company has onshore and offshore facilities to offer services according to individual client preferences.

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