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Going Paperless


Document ScanningThe concept of paperless office originated in 1960s and slowly became a possibility with the advents of personal computers in the offices in 1980s. Though the idea sounds great, in reality, achieving a paperless office can be quite challenging. A Finnish paper company predicted that paper consumption would be as high as 400 million tons this year.

Printers and copiers have made it simpler to reproduce documents in bulk, another factor contributing to the increased worldwide use of paper. And in the 21st century, we still depend on paper for legally binding contracts, deeds and IRS records for financial or legal purposes.

If you are thinking of going paperless in your business office, it can cost you if you are thinking of doing it yourself. You have to consider the costs of procuring the equipment and software and as well as the cost of converting paper documents into electronic documents. Furthermore, you have to recruit and train employees to use document conversion systems while your business continues to operate during alteration from paper documents to electronic documents.

To overcome the above challenges and focus on your core business, the ideal solution is to find a reliable business process outsourcing (BPO) company. A professional service provider can offer you with wide range of outsourcing solutions including document scanning and document conversion solutions that can greatly reduce the overall use of paper in your office. This would cut down costs on paper, reduce paper wastage, and free up your office space efficiently. In addition, by outsourcing your document conversion tasks, you can free up your staff for more important duties.

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