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Benefiting from General Transcription Service


General Transcription Service

General transcription is one of the most sought after business process outsourcing (BPO) services because of its ensured efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Transcription service apart from that pertaining to medical or legal is considered as general transcription. Many of the established transcription companies offer quality general transcription service with a difference so that clients keep coming back to them.

General transcription services provided by an outsourcing company include:

  • Conference and meeting transcription – conference calls and teleconference calls, board meetings, press conference, panel discussions, corporate meetings, and focus group discussions.
  • Speech and lecture transcription – lectures, seminars, conference proceedings, symposia, research interviews and power point presentations.
  • Interview transcription – student research interview, marketing and research interview.
  • Media production transcription- for video-casts, pod casts and radio talk shows for posting on websites; sermons, interviews, television, radio broadcasts, reality shows, news, events and so on.

A reliable transcription company having sufficient industry experience will ensure a client the following benefits:-

  • Assured 99% accuracy and quick turnaround time
  • Meeting all parameters and requirements, the transcription company provides accurate and speedy transcription solutions
  • For end-to-end tracking of business data, data flow management software is made available
  • The clients’ specific business requirements are met in a cost-effective way and without compromising on quality
  • To deliver customized transcript output as per client requirements, a reliable and well-established transcription company utilizes the latest, innovative IT resources
  • Cost savings up to 30% – 40%

Other important benefits of general transcription service provided by an established outsourcing company are affordability and high-end security for client documents.

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