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DNA – The Future of Large Scale Data Conversion and Storage?


Data Conversion CompanyThe latest buzz in the world of data conversion is about the successful Harvard University experiment in which researchers converted a 53,000 word book into DNA. According to the researchers, this is the densest consolidation of data in any medium and the most extensive demo of digital information storage. Though DNA is expensive to write, the success of this project holds a lot of promise for data conversion and improved long-term storage of large amounts of information. Years of data can be converted into a single bit of memory. Moreover, the scientists claim that making copies of data stored as a DNA strand is cheap, holding endless possibilities for commercial use.

It will take time for such technology to become practical. Till then, business organizations need to find a way to manage their voluminous data easily and affordably. They are constantly engulfed with data. Loads of information is generated every day on customers, competitors, employees, products, and services. What makes the situation even more complex is that all this data is received in different kinds of formats and businesses have to convert the information into compatible and easily manageable formats. Making proper business decisions and charting the future course of business depends greatly on the firm’s ability to convert and interpret its data.

Clearly, the task is quite Herculean. Therefore, the best option for businesses is to rely on a professional data conversion company for accurate data capture and conversion. Reliable outsourcing companies can provide a wide range of solutions – text conversion, digital Imaging, document conversion, PDF conversion, image conversion, Excel conversion, XML conversion, SGML conversion, OCR scanning and conversion, and more. Businesses planning to outsource data conversion need to identify the right service provider, a company that can ensure high levels of accuracy, flexible solutions, data confidentiality, and affordable pricing.

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