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Quality, Timeliness and Cost – Important Factors in Document Conversion


Quality, timeliness and cost are some of the most important factors in a document conversion project. Quality control is necessary all through the conversion process so that the outcome has a high degree of accuracy. Converting a large number of paper and microfilm documents into electronic format is done using scanning along with optical character recognition (OCR). The challenge here is of minimizing OCR errors. High quality scans are crucial. Similarly, when converting images, graphs and tables into electronic format, it must be ensured that they are easily retrievable. Handwritten documents may also need to be converted accurately.

The demand for electronic document management is increasing especially with the regulations governing the healthcare industry requiring the transition to electronic records. Consolidating document storage also reduces document maintenance expenses. Carrying out document conversion in-house can take up a lot of time and resources. Therefore outsourcing the task is the best option and would offer many benefits such as

  • Accuracy: A reliable business process outsourcing company would have quality checks in place for each level of the conversion process. This minimizes errors and ensures image legibility.
  • Timeliness: Document management service providers have the resources and staff to provide timely solutions.
  • Cost savings: Scan equipment is expensive and difficult to maintain. Outsourcing document conversion helps businesses overcome this issue. Expert data entry operators convert written documents into accurate text format.

One of the important aspects of outsourcing document conversion is data security. This is especially important for healthcare providers. Document management should be outsourced to an established company that can provide conversion solutions with the necessary level of data security.

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