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Outsourcing? Ensure Your BPO Partner has Disaster Recovery Solutions


Macro-level uncertainties, financial crises, political upheavals, natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis – things can turn out to be very different from what you expect. The world is an uncertain place, more so for companies relying on business process outsourcing services, though not if they are with the right service provider – one that offers proper disaster recovery solutions.

A recent study by technology research firm Gartner pointed out that only 35 percent of BPO facilities have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place. Moreover, the research also found that less than 10 percent of the companies have carried out a business recovery and continuity process.

These findings are an important warning signal if you outsourcing your back office operations. To avoid disruptions in your operations in emergencies, always ensure that the BPO company you are contracting with has efficient disaster recovery solutions. Look for BPO services that provide a complete backup of their technological substructure including servers, routers and switches, data storage systems, leased lines, and fully backed up generator systems and UPS.

A reliable business processing outsourcing company is one that just doesn’t take a chance. Its disaster recovery strategy would be one that minimizes the effect of a disaster and helps your operations get back on track fast.

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