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Success with Data Conversion


Data ConversionConverting data from one form to another is becoming indispensable for better data management. If you are considering data conversion, you must first identify the data that is important to your organization. Next, you have to decide how many years of data you want transferred to the new system. The most important thing is to have a well-thought out plan so that the transition is smooth. This, of course, depends largely on your choice of vendor.

It is crucial to identify the right data management system for your business. It is also necessary that your vendor has the capability to provide you with a customized conversion solution. So choose a vendor that has adequate experience in the field. Only this would ensure optimal use of your data. Do your research and compare business process outsourcing companies on capabilities such as:

  • Technology
  • Customized solutions
  • Error-free data conversion
  • Rigorous quality checks
  • Service in quick turnaround time
  • Security and confidentiality
  • Affordable and competitive pricing

Check references and if your project is a large one, make sure the data and document conversion company has the experience in handling projects of this size and scope. Once you have identified your service provider, request a free trial if one is offered. This will give you an idea of the conversion and implementation schedule. Though your vendor will create the data mapping document and chalk out the conversion program, it is your responsibility to view, evaluate and approve the test conversion data. Finally, make sure the implementation goes live at a time when it will minimize staff downtime in your office.

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