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BPO Services in a Cloud Based Environment


BPO Services in a Cloud Based EnvironmentThere’s a lot of talk about cloud computing and its viability for BPO services. Cloud based applications can be accessed through a web browser and mobile apps, cell phones, and laptops. This is the basis of the arguments in support of the cloud strategy for BPO clients. When the service provider utilizes its extensive data infrastructure in the cloud, it creates a virtual shared service center. This can have many advantages for both service provider and client:

  • The service provider maintains platforms, applications and/or infrastructure in the cloud. The client is saved the expense of hosting and maintaining these applications, and can access them easily and affordably on the cloud.
  • The client can direct resources to more pressing business needs as there is no need to maintain an expensive infrastructure.
  • The client has access to the latest technology on the shared platform. This saves on the expenses that would have gone into investing in new technology in-house.
  • Since the BPO company allows its client to utilize the cloud-based applications on a per-per-use basis or on the basis on outcome, the client has lower operational costs.
  • Business process outsourcing companies with several clients can achieve a higher rate of cloud application utilization by providing services to suit varying client deadlines and work requirements.
  • The cloud-based environment reduces the need for a disaster recovery plan.

However, security is a major challenge in cloud computing. Information shared over the Web poses a security risk. Service providers must have proper policies in place to ensure protection for precious client data.

About Julie Clements

Julie Clements

Joined the MOS team in March of 2008. Julie Clements has background in the healthcare staffing arena; as well as 6 years as Director of Sales and Marketing at a 4 star resort. Julie was instrumental in the creation of the medical record review division (and new web site); and has especially grown this division along with data conversion of all kinds.