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Converting large volumes of important technical documents into standard formats is always a challenge for business corporations, and technical and educational institutions. Extracting the required information and transforming it accurately into custom formats is a task that requires the right kind of software, technical know-how and skills.

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For instance, take XML conversion. If you are involved in journal publishing – online or on CD ROM – or are building an online catalogue for your business, XML helps store your data in an easy to configure, structured format. However, conversion to XML from other file formats poses many challenges, especially when it comes to preserving the structure of tables in a source document such as HTML or Quark.

Similarly, PDF is a great Adobe format that works well for documents with embedded graphics. PDF is compatible across various platforms, can be created from any kind of document, is secure, and does not permit file modification. Common challenges involved in PDF-to-Word conversion include incorrect adding or deleting of word spaces, paragraph delineation when paragraphs are very short or span pages, and improper display of hyphens, superscripts and subscripts, special characters, and more.

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In fact, errors in document conversion can pose many risks and challenges. For companies with very large software archives, document and image conversion take up a lot of time and money. All reasons why the job should ideally be assigned to a professional document conversion company that offers data management and conversion solutions. An experienced service provider can help assess document conversion needs, manage multiple document formats and offer high volume conversion from formats such as HTML to PDF, OCR, HTML to XML, RTF to PDF, PNM, PBM, PNG to PDF, XML to DBF, XML to SGML, XML to Word, DBF to XLS, CHM to HLP, CHM to TXT, DBF to SQL, DXF to WMF, WMF to DXF, eBook conversion services, and more. Equipped with cutting edge technology, the latest software, and expert professionals, they can deliver customized and secure document conversion solutions at competitive rates. Their multi-level quality audits ensure high quality, error-free conversion. To get the best value for your investment, be discerning about the choice of your document conversion service provider – go in for a free trial before you outsource your work.

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