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What Are the Different Types of BPO Services Offered By Companies?


Business process outsourcing services are immensely beneficial for small and medium businesses as well as large corporate entities looking to manage their non-core business functions efficiently. Realizing the specific business data processing requirements of different business sectors, many leading BPO companies offer quality data processing services across the US. This article provides information regarding the different types of BPO services offered by reputable business process outsourcing companies.

A Variety of Services for Diverse Business Processes

Proper management of everyday business records is important for all business establishments. Busy business professionals usually do not get the time to perform non-core business tasks regularly, which leads to data backlogs and often adversely affects their decision making process. Outsourcing these jobs to a reliable BPO company would be a beneficial option. These companies manage all non-core business data processing procedures and back office tasks professionally and help them maintain accurate and updated business records. BPO services offered by established outsourcing companies include:

  • Transcription services: To cater to the requirements of medical, legal and business professionals most firms offer quality medical and legal transcription services. They transcribe all the dictations provided in different file formats with exceptional efficiency and provide error-free transcripts within minimum turnaround time.
  • Website design/SEO: Professional BPO companies offer systematic website design and SEO services for healthcare, medical and legal entities. Their services cover almost all phases of web designing and search engine optimization procedures. These services help legal and medical groups maintain easily navigable and search engine friendly websites that would attract more clients.
  • Medical billing and coding: Coding errors in medical bills and claims often lead to claim denials and would adversely affect the cash flow of medical facilities. Professional medical billing and coding services offered by reliable firms allow medical practices to submit accurate medical bills and claims within the prescribed time frame and obtain maximum reimbursement benefits. These firms manage all tasks right from claim processing, submission, to follow-up and collections with remarkable efficiency.
  • Data entry services: Businesses have to manage huge volumes of data regularly, and they often find it difficult to complete the documentation procedures on time. Organized data entry outsourcing services from experienced firms help business entrepreneurs streamline their data entry processes, focus on core competencies and improve overall business efficiency. Consistent services are offered for insurance claims processing, book conversion, forms processing, image conversion, survey processing, document conversion and lots more.

BPO services are not limited to the above. Firms serving in this area also offer services such as medical records review, legal coding, virtual office support, branding (Internet branding, logo designs, brochures), scanning and imaging, and so on.

Better Data Security

Most companies that offer business process outsourcing solutions strive to maintain quality and accuracy in their services. All data processing and transcription tasks are performed by experienced professionals utilizing state-of-the-art technology and innovative devices. These firms also ensure:

  • Stringent quality assurance at three levels
  • Secure file transfer options
  • Better data security and confidentiality
  • Customized turnaround time
  • Affordable pricing with 30-40% cost savings
  • Continuous technical support

Leading companies offer different types of BPO services. Therefore, to get quality solutions according to your requirements and budget partner with a reputable firm.

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