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IT Outsourcing Pros and Cons


IT Outsourcing – A Modern Trend

IT outsourcing has become quite common with more companies preferring to outsource computer related work to qualified people or outsourcing providers offshore. Some companies give over particular functions for outsourcing while some others prefer to have their entire work done by outsourcing providers as the labor is low cost and qualified. As with all other businesses, IT outsourcing pros and cons do exist and make your decision difficult.

Advantages of Outsourcing IT

Some common advantages shared by most companies are:

• Low cost qualified people: Outsourcing means that you get the work done at a very low cost as compared to what you would have to pay permanent employees in terms of overheads. You get experts in the field to work for you on terms that are not too binding or expensive.

• Low cost overheads: People work for you from their office, so you save on office overheads and infrastructure costs. It is possible to have a huge business spread all over but occupying less office space.

• Better productivity and quality of work: As you will have experts in the field working for you, the productivity can be expected to be more. As more people can be hired by you at lower rates you can expect more focus on core issues.

The Disadvantages of IT Outsourcing

There are certain disadvantages that cannot be ruled out when you outsource your IT functions.

• Lack of control: As other provider companies are taking care of your work you have no control over the people working for you.
• Security worries: In some companies chances of security breach are possible as sensitive data is being given to the provider companies for the work that they are doing. Certain data in IT are too sensitive and can cause troublesome issues.

IT Outsourcing Is Taken Care of Well by Good Providers

IT outsourcing pros and cons do exist but the advantages are definitely more and they make the business grow well. So finding a good provider will help you reap in the benefits while keeping the cons at bay.

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