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Outsourcing Document Conversion Projects


Outsource your document conversion projects to a BPO company in order to get superior quality documents with good quality images. Most companies have budgetary constraints to carry out their own conversion work. So it has become a highly acceptable option to outsource your document conversion projects to an outsourcing company.

Effective Document Conversion from an Outsourcing Company

Document conversion refers to conversion of various paper documents, microfilm or microfiche-based documents and drawings into electronic format for easy accessibility. Document conversion is performed by highly skilled conversion specialists. They convert data into various databases on different platforms and hand over the output via web management systems. The document passes through a quality checking process before it is converted into a structural format. Multiple document conversion solutions include XML, HTML, SGML, PDF, CAD, Catalog, Excel and Word RTF conversions, document extraction, OCR tagging and content tagging.

Extensive Features of Document Conversion Outsourcing Services

Document conversion services are useful for big as well as small business firms. You can avail of the following conversion services from an outsourcing firm:

  • Document preparation
  • OCR or forms processing
  • Image clean-up and restoration
  • CD-ROM and Internet publishing
  • Indexing
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning and correction
  • Document storage and retrieval systems
  • Keyword and index capture
  • Electronic file export
  • Book Conversion
  • Conversion of typesetters and word processors

Advantages of Outsourcing Document Conversion

Outsourcing of document conversion services to a top outsourcing firm ensures multiple benefits such as:

  • Quality assurance
  • Customized solutions with quick turnaround
  • Easy transfer of electronic documents over email or the internet
  • Ensured security of processed data

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