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Legal Transcription at Affordable Rates


To help legal practitioners to substantially reduce their operating costs, legal transcription services are now offered at affordable rates. Transcription service providers help you save everything involved in the legal proceedings in hard copies, and thereby make the huge files easily manageable.

Benefits of Legal Transcription Services

Legal transcription services are now high on demand in courts, legal departments, state/federal government agencies, paralegal and legal business groups, insurance companies, prosecutor offices and other legal sectors. The service lets you obtain hard copies of the legal proceedings from any audio or video source. They are generally used to produce official transcripts of court hearings and other legal proceedings. The companies performing the procedure ensure high level of confidentiality, quality reporting, fast turnaround and accuracy for the work they have developed.

Skilled Workforce Providing Quality Transcription Services

Outsourcing companies have skilled professionals providing accurate and cost-effective services. Well-established, reputable companies can provide services suiting the clients’ varying needs involving business, corporate, criminal, real estate, personal injury or trial laws. Companies providing affordable services for all these, never charge additional rates for underlining, headers, footers, bolding and other formatting.

Some of the common legal transcription services performed by transcription companies are:

  • Court proceedings transcription
  • Wire tap transcription
  • Legal letter transcription
  • Law office recordings
  • Scoping services
  • Proofreading services
  • Regular recordings
  • Trial transcription
  • Verbatim transcription
  • General correspondence transcription
  • Legal pleadings
  • Reports
  • Briefs
  • Court transcripts
  • Client letters

Find Good Companies Offering Premium Services

For legal companies to stay competitive in the field, it is important to obtain the services of good companies providing premium services. To support the legal firms, there are many transcription companies offering legal transcription services at affordable rates and within limited time period. Choose one which meets your unique requirements.

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