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Outsourcing Litigation Support Services


Litigation support is by no means a simple task. It is a professional service that demands extensive subject knowledge, skill and experience. With the coming of BPOs, things have changed for the better. Unlike before, the attorneys don’t have to do all the work themselves or employ someone to do the work for them. Outsourcing litigation support services can help legal professionals, lawyers, in-house counsels and law firms to lighten their workload. A number of recognized outsourcing companies are now active in the field, offering quality litigation support services.

Popular outsourcing companies have years of experience in providing paralegal services to their clients. They undertake legal research and process documents that need to be produced in court. The work is processed by expert lawyers, paralegals and coders. Some of the litigation support services offered by outsourcing companies are:

  • Drafting of court proceedings, briefs
  • Document conversion, coding
  • Gathering evidence (electronic and otherwise)
  • Pretrial preparation
  • Mock arbitration, trial
  • Jury opinion and consultancy

Some firms also have specialists in legal presentation. This generally includes graphic designers and animators.

All outsourcing companies give importance to speed and accuracy of the legal work so that it is completed and submitted well within the specified deadline. Quality analysts check the work before giving their approval. This allows rectification of errors and discrepancies before submission. Clients don’t have to worry about breach in privacy as topnotch security measures are taken to protect the confidential information.

Outsourcing litigation support services help legal professionals not only save time but also a substantial amount of money. All professional work including back office work is effectively handled by the outsourcing company. With customized service and round-the-clock customer support, one can hardly ask for anything more.

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