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Legal Transcription Outsourcing – Increased Workflow and Productivity


Transcription has become an inevitable requirement for insurance companies, legal research firms, law firms and corporate legal departments. Legal transcription outsourcing ensures increased workflow and productivity for legal entities.

Process of Transcribing Legal Documents

Dictations on case histories, court hearings, depositions, citations or even confessions will be transcribed into printable format by expert transcriptionists. The process involves dictating legal documents over the phone or digital recorder to the transcriptionist. The transcribed output will be in formats such as TIFF, JPG, GIF, XML, PageMaker, XML, PDF, Excel, FrameMaker, TIFF, QuarkXpress and Word. The files will be transferred through FTP or browser based 256 bit AES encryption protocol.

Added Benefits for Your Business

Legal transcription outsourcing brings down your operating costs and extra efforts. You can obtain this service from anywhere round the globe through the internet. Advantages for your business from a legal transcription outsourcing company include:

  • 3 levels of quality control
  • Digital recorders and toll free numbers for dictation
  • 99% accuracy with good audio
  • Document flow management system
  • Browser based transfer of files. Also available, FTP or e mail systems
  • EMR interface, transcription server interface
  • Local representative in most areas
  • Full workflow modules
  • 24/7 customer service

Find a Professional Service Provider

Companies providing legal transcription outsourcing usually have a team of professionals including transcriptionists, analysts and proofreaders providing quality services. Most of these companies undertake court proceedings transcription, wire tap transcription, legal letter transcription, general correspondence transcription, verbatim transcription and more.

Lawyers who need to keep hard copies of their proceedings, and aiming at increased workflow and productivity can now opt for these transcription services from any professional legal transcription outsourcing company.

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