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Land Record Digitization: Scanning, Indexing and Conversions


Digitization of land records is a necessary requirement in the electronic age.? As the country grows and our population grows,? keeping track of land records and ownership details are extremely important.? Getting land records online or into an electronic database has become necessary, as the need for speed and easy access to information is growing.?? At present many cities and towns around the country are taking steps to convert land records to electronic format, keep back up of original documents and generate a useful database for future generation.

What are Land Records? Land Records can be beneficial in order to learn more about your background and also for historical research.? These are records that document the transfer of public lands from the US Government to private ownership.?? Land Records can contain a wealth of information from a few facts that you already know about to new insight about family history, title and land use issues.

  • Why do you Digitize?

Indexing your Land Records will help County and District clerks to accurately save and manage these records.? We can help in designing your index that best customizes your needs.? We are able to help from the beginning.? We can scan and convert your records to any format and then index as multiple fields you might need in order to help manage the records accurately.? We realize that the documents you have might be handwritten or typed and conversion for these historic and important documents requires expertise.

Converting Land records to a digitized format can involve many methods or options. It can be a straight conversion to a PDF document or another electronic format via scanning, could be conversion of this scanned documents or capturing of these documents in to formats that are useful for analysis such as spread sheets. It could be scanning and then indexing these document s or naming these documents appropriately in to databases from where they can be accessed at a later stage. It could be manually entering all data in to an existing database to store specific searchable information. The final need could be varied but all of this requires an expert company who has experience in handling these to provide the required service. This is where Managed Outsource Solutions come in:

We Can:

  • Scan
  • Index
  • Convert and digitize your data.

Depending on your requirement scanning team can work on these documents at your facility or ours. If you already finished scanning we can also help you with the rest of your requirements.

At Managed Outsource Solutions we pride ourselves on our quality of work.? We make sure and put in place many levels of quality assurance so when your finished product is returned you can feel confident that it?s been done correctly and to your requirements.? To get more information call us at 800-670-2809 and speak to one of our senior solutions managers who can answer all your questions.

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