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Business Transcription for Moderators /Speakers


Business transcription for moderators /speakers involves the conversion and documentation of audio or video recorded files of speeches, discussions, conversions, interviews and lectures into text formats. Producing accurate transcripts for speeches and discussions can turn out to be quite tedious; therefore outsourcing these business transcription jobs to a professional business transcription company is highly beneficial for those moderators and speakers who insist on quality and accuracy.

Error-free and Customized Transcription Service

As professional business transcription companies provide specially designed and quality business transcription for moderators/speakers, there is at present an increased demand for these companies. Well-organized and professional business transcription companies offer the following:

  • Quality checking at three levels
  • Ensures 99% accuracy with good audio
  • Guarantees higher confidentiality and safety
  • Secure 256 bit AES encryption
  • Browser based file transferring
  • FTP
  • E-mail systems
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Business transcription server interface
  • Full workflow modules
  • Free trial option
  • Document flow management system
  • Digital signature and fax
  • Customized turnaround times
  • HIPAA compliance

Digital Dictation and Toll Free Number Dictation Facilities

Professional business transcription companies receive recorded files in any format and offer the transcribed data in MS Word and WordPerfect or in the format of your choice.

Besides giving business transcription for moderators/speakers, professional business transcription companies provide specialized transcription solutions for focus groups, web conferences, TV shows, meetings, correspondence, dissertations, board meetings, seminars and investigations. Outsource all your complex transcription jobs to a professional business transcription company for unique and accurate transcription solutions.

About Julie Clements

Julie Clements

Joined the MOS team in March of 2008. Julie Clements has background in the healthcare staffing arena; as well as 6 years as Director of Sales and Marketing at a 4 star resort. Julie was instrumental in the creation of the medical record review division (and new web site); and has especially grown this division along with data conversion of all kinds.