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Business Transcription for Focus Groups


In order to understand the changing pulse of market trends before new product launches, market research and business firms use focus groups; this triggers a huge need for focus group business transcription services. Identifying the increasing need of business transcription for focus groups, transcription companies provide specially designed and quality-oriented services within customized turnarounds. For accurate and cost-effective solutions, outsource your complex focus group transcription tasks to a professional transcription company in the field.

Customized Focus Group Transcription Solutions

The process of focus group business transcription involves the conversion and documentation of audio or video recorded files of a focus group session. Professional focus group business transcription companies provide customized solutions for universities, market research companies, local business bodies, training companies, non-profit and research based organizations, and marketing consulting firms. The features of well-organized and professional focus group business transcription services include:

  • Three levels of quality assessment
  • 99% accuracy with good audio
  • High confidentiality and security
  • 256 bit AES encryption
  • Web based file transferring
  • FTP (file transfer protocol)
  • E-mail systems
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Focus group transcription server interface
  • Full workflow modules
  • Free trial option
  • Document flow management system
  • Digital signature
  • Quick turnarounds

High Quality and Error-free Transcription Service

In order to provide high quality and error-free business transcription for focus groups, efficient transcription firms maintain specially trained and experienced workforce together with cutting edge technologies. The advanced technologies integrated enable these companies to receive your recorded file in any format and provide the transcribed data as per your requirements.

Besides providing business transcription for focus groups, professional business transcription companies offer specialized and quality transcripts for web conferences, meetings, correspondence, interviews, board meetings, TV shows, lectures, investigations, secretarial jobs, seminars and dissertations.


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