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Small business, Outsourcing and Globalization. Part 2


Small business outsourcing: What should I outsource?

Outsourcing taken literally is: Sourcing from outside. Any work in your office or organization that can be done by another individual, organization or sub contractor is outsourcing. This can be done either locally, nationally or internationally. OK, now the next question that is going through your mind, ?what can I outsource?? It is such a vast area that you do not know what to do. You read the book ?The World is Flat? by Thomas Friedman, and you want to take a jump, but not quite sure where to start.

This is where consulting or consulting and service companies come in to play. These companies provide you with the insight you need in to the world of outsourcing and give you the direction you need. They will consult, analyze your company, your structure and functions, your needs and then focus on those areas of your business that can be improved by outsourcing.

This may sound simple, however generally we know it is not; it, in fact, can be quite complicated. Knowledge of your company?s internal structure and function is extremely important in making this decision. Since this decision is made between you and your outsourcing company, you need to be prepared to share your strengths and weaknesses. The ultimate goal is to identify deficiencies, expense overloads, problems due to difficulty in finding good talent, under-performing departments, your geographic location issues and so on. Why are these important? You thought people did outsourcing to save money!! Not really, we feel that improving your business should be the primary reason and saving money should be just one of the impacts it can have.

Some reasons as to why you should outsource will be discussed in the next posts

Rajeev Rajagopal

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Rajeev R

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