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Data Entry Service in US


If you are looking for first-rate and accurate data processing solutions within customized turnaround and at competitive costs, it is best to find an experienced provider of data entry service in the US.

Comprehensive Data Entry Solutions

In this highly competitive business world, proper management of amorphous data or information is essential for achieving business efficiency and interoperability.

Data entry services in the US include back office and forms processing services suiting your specific needs and targets. In order to provide professional and outstanding data entry, automated data processing, document scanning and media conversion, data entry firms maintain highly skilled and expert professionals. US based data entry services provide comprehensive data entry solutions that include:

  • Text, image and numeric data entry service
  • Data entry from printed medias and handwritten documents
  • Business card and catalog documentation
  • E-books and e-magazines
  • Insurance claims and tax record data entry
  • Yellow/ white page keying
  • Creation of XML content
  • XML tagging
  • Formation of DTD/ schema
  • Style sheet creation
  • XML error correction
  • Conversion to different DTD
  • Questionnaire, survey, airway bill entries
  • Online form submission
  • E-mail mining
  • Pasting, copying, editing, sorting and indexing of data
  • Data entry for historical records

High Security and Confidentiality

Ensuring high security and confidentiality for your data, service providers utilize advanced technology and infrastructure for preparation, capture, storing, and reclamation of data. Outsourcing data entry jobs will give your business considerable advantages such as increased productivity, systematic data management, higher accuracy, global standards and higher safety.

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