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Customized Document Conversion Services


At present, there are many firms that offer highly accurate, secure and cost-effective customized document conversion services which help to save storage space, manage records easily, make images centrally available, find documents easily, and reclaim valuable floor space. These services eliminate the need for file cabinets and reduce your overall document management expenses.

High Quality Document Conversion Process

Customized document conversion services include conversion of any document format into the exact format you need. The conversion process may include conversions ranging from RTF to HTML, RTF TO XML, Word to XML, RTF to PDF, XML to CSV, CSV to XML, PDF to XML, PDF to HTML, Text to HTML, XML to PDF, XML to SGML, HTML to Text, PDF to Word and OCR, HTML to XML conversion.

Advanced Technology to Ensure Excellent Services

Utilizing the most modern technology and high speed scanners, these firms offer a wide variety of document scanning, ranging from different sizes and weights of paper to engineering drawings, uncommon documents and microfilms. Some of the customized document conversion services they offer include:

  • Data conversion from databases into any format
  • E-Book conversion
  • File format conversion
  • Paper documents to digital formats
  • XML conversion
  • OCR
  • Internet publishing
  • CAD conversion
  • Word Processing
  • Vectorization
  • Cropping and enhancement of images

Boost Your Business with Effective Document Conversion Service

When you need the service of a document conversion company, try to choose a provider that specializes in document scanning, indexing, coding, OCR text extraction and format-to-format conversion. By outsourcing your data conversion jobs, you can save considerable amount of time and money. High quality document conversion process offers:

  • High quality conversion with 99% accuracy
  • Speedy delivery by following proper methodology of conversion

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