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Automated Data Entry – Improves Data Accuracy


Automated data entry is a practical and cost-effective solution for all data entry requirements. It improves data accuracy and thereby interoperability and performance of your institution.

Complete Release from Tedious Paper and Manual Data Entry Process

The automated data entry process is well organized, and doesn’t involve manual keying and typing slip-ups. A proper automated data entry service recognizes printed texts (OCR), checkmarks (OMR), handwritten (ICR), intelligent field recognition (IFR) and barcodes. Automated data entry services are available for structured and unstructured information. Services include:

  • Extraction of data from paper and images
  • Optical quality recognition
  • Online data entry
  • HTML or XML keying and coding
  • Hard copy to soft copy conversion
  • File format conversion

Accurate Results in Quick Turnarounds

Automated data entry is advantageous in that you are ensured accurate results within quick turnaround. To ensure excellent quality in output, professional automated data entry service providers maintain experienced and technically skilled data entry consultants and specialists. Advanced technology and cutting edge software enable easy conversion of data into PDF, HTML, AASCII, and XML or to the format of your choice. Automated data entry offers benefits such as:

  • Saves your time
  • Higher security
  • Reduced data entry costs
  • Systematic handling of large and complex data entry tasks
  • Automated data entry from websites
  • Data delivered through FTP, e-mail or CD-ROM

Automated data entry improves data accuracy; understanding the importance of accurate data for higher business productivity, healthcare organizations, insurance companies, law firms, sales offices, pharmaceuticals, businesses, census projects and other firms now outsource their data entry works to automated data entry service providers.

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Rajeev R

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